Wednesday, January 19, 2011


  Let me introduce my friend Mochiko-san - I got to know her in the grocery store I frequent, Uwajimaya. She is from California. I asked her for help with cooking one of the dishes I ate during my stay in Japan, steamed lotus root. My family and I were invited to my aunt's place for the new year and we had loads of nice food including this dish. 

  Following her recipe I combined grated lotus root, salt and "mochiko" and steamed the mixture. And the result was not bad. Covered in thickened "dashi" it's warm and slightly sticky. Well done, Mochiko! It was also rated 3.5 out of 5 by my husband, meaning it's a dish worth repeating.
  I'm more up for cooking since I came back from Japan. I had been uninspired and tired of the daily chore but became more motivated by eating great food cooked by my mother, my aunt and my foodie friend Naoko. I appreciate food again now and would like to eat more nice food. I'm not really in the mood for dining out right now. Food here can be strongly seasoned - extremely sweet or salty. Once I found my salad swimming in the dressing and my pad thai as sweet as a sugar lump. I hope the refreshing culinary experiences in Japan keeps my enthusiasm for cooking.      

Friday, September 3, 2010

A late summer weekend

 How much longer is the nice weather going to last for? That is the question you ask yourself when you live in "Rain City". Summer came late and is now going quickly. To spend the afternoon we headed for Volunteer Park, passing through the tall roadside trees lining the streets with large American houses. We stopped by a cafe nearby which we visited when we moved to Seattle. Having lived here for a year in the city where there is a coffee shop every two blocks I am still unable to distinguish good coffees from bad ones. Hence I have nothing to say about my cafe latte.

Then we strolled to the Asian Art Museum in the park. There happened to be a wedding going on and there were limousines in front of the art deco building. It's simply pleasant being here - the grass, the blue sky, the museum and the people who enjoy them. Seattle is full of parks and greenery and is enjoyable. On the other hand it's true that I miss what big cities have to offer from time to time. It seems like I have checked out most neighbourhoods in the city and there is a fear I might be completely bored in the near future. I would not know what to do if we are to live here for another five years. We should consider exploring beyond the city, visiting national parks and other cities like Portland or even Canada.